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Home » Editorial » The Fourth Estate is THE PILLA of democracy

The Fourth Estate is THE PILLA of democracy

The first estate, which is the executive branch of a government. The second estate, which is the legislative branch of a government. The third estate, which is the judicial branch of a government. The fourth estate, which is mass and traditional media.

The media has transformed a lot and taken a completely different mode and different approach. The advent of internet and technology evolved the news/views media a lot, in fact it has seen a complete turnaround. The most unfortunate part is that the electronic media and mushrooming of television channels has mostly brought the standards not down but the original spirit of journalism has buried in the deep grave down. When there were only print media any continuous negative reporting was labelled as “Yellow Journalism” and was rated as low category journalist. News items used to be pure and journalist never dare to add their views to the news. But since the start of Television channels the news and views are mixed rather views are so dominant that actual news disappearing to the extent of un-recognizable the actual news. There has always been a slight indication from the news/views papers to which group or school of thought it represent but always had tried to balance the representation of the society. It was indicative in terms of left ideology of right wing thoughts, or favouring the capitalist or socialist ideology. But now a days it is not only quite visible but openly supporting the political parties and has become their mouth organs.

The commercialization of the electronic media has started a new war of TRP, which causes the on screen and live unruly debates, shouting accusing each other and lying loudly and repeatedly. It becomes very difficult to differentiate between the fact and the fiction. Majority of the channels are lying shouting and became lawyer, judge, jury and executioner as well. Irrespective of all it negativity, it goes without saying it has so much power to change and influence the public opinion. Its telecasting has divided communities and created rift between countries and communities. We find very few television channels and who are still calm quite and still maintaining the spirit of real news.

THIS IS THE REASON, I DECIDED TO LAUNCH “The Pillar” to serve the society and give the real picture of the issues the society without fabrication and without the attempt to influence the opinion of the people with our own views.


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